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Embark on a transformational journey with POHSS studio at our New Moon dance party, Cultivate

  • 2 hours
  • 35 Australian dollars

Service Description

This monthly offering is about turning within, reflecting and moving with purpose. It's a journey of self-discovery and transformation, as we dance our intentions into reality in a world of silent disco. Set on the idyllic shores, Cultivate is an intentional dance party that combines the transformative power of manifestation with the liberating joy of movement. Dance is a potent tool for manifestation, allowing us to express and embody our intentions physically. As we move, we generate a powerful, energetic vibration that aligns with our desires. Cultivate invites you to dive deep into your being, connecting with your energy, honouring it, and cultivating it. We explore what magic can unfold when we open our minds and bodies to the rhythm of our souls, shifting out stagnant energy and elevating our beings to a higher vibration. Our journey together flows as follows: ~ Step 1: Self-Connection ~ In the embrace of the New Moon's energy, we start our journey by grounding ourselves. I, Soph, will guide you through a sequence of breathwork and chakra flow, helping you tune into your body and establish a deep connection. ~ Step 2: Self-Inquiry ~ Next, we dive into a visualization practice. Tuning into the higher emotion you desire to call forth, we'll identify what feelings need to move out to make space for this new energy. ~ Step 3: Self-Expression ~ Now, it's time to dance! We'll groove our way through a blend of guided moves and conscious self-movement, exploring how to open up, let go, ground, and play with our vibrational energy. We'll dance our intentions into existence, moving with and being moved by our emotions. This is a Pohss practice. While Soph may lead, you are the creator. It's your dance, your expression, your liberation. ~ Step 4: Closing Ceremony ~ As our dance concludes, we transition indoors to ground ourselves. A guided meditation will bring us back into stillness, and we'll each draw an intention card to reflect upon. You're encouraged to journal your thoughts and intentions for the coming cycle. The journey unfolds where we begin with an opening ceremony, a presence practice, a guided visualisation, and a saging ritual to connect with the higher spirits and energies.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

To reschedule your ticket to another event, follow these steps: Contact the event organizer directly. Ensure you initiate this process at least 72 hours prior to the event for a smoother transition. Provide the necessary information they require to process your request, such as your current ticket details and the event you'd like to reschedule to. Cancellation: Cancellations will be considered based on certain circumstances. To request a cancellation: Contact the event organizer directly to explain your situation. It's essential to reach out to the event organiser as soon as possible to discuss your specific situation and get further guidance on rescheduling or cancelling your ticket. They will be able to provide you with the necessary instructions.

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Reserve Rd Entrance Somers Beach, Somers VIC, Australia

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